Some Important Facts About Registering a Canadian Domain Name

by | Apr 14, 2015 | Web Promotion


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When you want a Canada domain name you’ll find that not all registrars offer this. You’ll also find that it might be slightly more expensive than other options, too. Many Canadian companies opt for a Canada domain name to illustrate the fact that they are Canadian. Here are a few things to know:

* Canada domain names, like other types of extensions, can be bought for a year and you may be able to register them for more than one year as well, depending on which web host your work with.

* You can block with a Whois guard for additional fees or you can leave that transparent if you do not want to guard ownership of your domain name. If you do not do this you could find that your website and email are the target of spammers.

* While some businesses register a domain with one company and host their site with another, it may be advantageous to deal with one company for both. Not only does this save time with billing when it comes time for domain renewals but some Canada domain name registrars will offer you discounted domain name registration when you also use them for web hosting.

* French Canadian companies and individuals can now register a .quebec URL, which isn’t just distinctly Canadian, it’s distinctly French Canadian.

* Choosing to use a .ca certified registrar will ensure your site follows any Canadian government regulated guidelines for your .ca website.

* Like any other domain name extension it’s important to keep on top of renewals so that you don’t lose your domain name due to inaction. There are typically grace periods but it is wise to familiarize yourself with the guidelines so that you avoid regret.

Finding and Choosing a Canadian Web Host

In addition to having a .ca website URL you might decide you prefer to use the services of a Canadian web host, too. You’ll find companies that are in Canada, that invoice in Canadian funds, and that house their data centres in Canada. Some companies prefer this for comfort’s sake. Some need it for compliance sake. Whatever the case is, you can opt to register your Canada domain name with a local Canadian webhost as well as host your website with them as well.

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