4 Reasons Your Company Needs Private Cloud Services

Thinking about switching to cloud storage for your files? Which one do you think you should go for? Public? Hybrid? Or private cloud services?

Private Cloud Services

Private cloud is one of the three types of cloud services available in the market today. According to Datamation, it’s a stand-out option for businesses who want to save on costs. Here’s how a private cloud makes that happen:

1. No costly upgrades and hardware. It allows businesses to store data in the cloud without the need for expensive hardware or costly upgrades. Those upgrades often run to thousands so companies already save up a lot when they go with a cloud solution.

2. More secure than a public cloud. The thing about public clouds is, if someone’s data in a particular cloud is breached, all other data in that cloud is vulnerable to that security breach. That’s not the case with a private cloud. Somebody else’s security breach won’t be a problem for another company. This makes it ideal for businesses that want better security measures in place. It also allows organizations to retain better control over their data.

3. Demonstrates better reliability. With private cloud services, companies rely on their IT teams to act as the service provider for their clients. Everything is in-house so access to data is easy and instant. In some cases, private clouds offer features that enhance and improve user experience on a whole new level. Also, since the company has control over the service, when glitches happen, the team works hard to resolve the situation while sending regular updates to affected clients and teams. That’s not the case with public cloud solutions. If Google drive breaks down, for instance, it could be hours or days before the glitch is resolved and you wouldn’t know, wouldn’t receive hourly updates on the progress, which can leave you frustrated with the service.

4. Flexibility. One of the best advantages of having a private cloud is that companies are free to design their own cloud structures. They won’t have to request permission and wait upon the approval of the service provider for every single adjustment or idea they want to implement. They can simply go ahead with their plans, reducing the delays between plans and executions.

These are just 4 advantages that private cloud services offer. So if you think this is the kind of solution ideal for your organization, then make the move now. The longer you wait, the more unwieldy and unsafe your data is going to be.

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