Choosing an Effective San Jose Website Design Company

by | Dec 4, 2012 | Web Design


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Choosing the right San Jose website design company is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The web designer is responsible for establishing your online presence and business identity. Your company site reflects who you are, your products and services, and provides valuable information for consumers wanting to conduct business with you. Therefore, it’s essential to your business online to appear reliable and professional.

Things to Look for in Web Designers
The majority of accomplished and confident web design businesses will have a strong online presence. Always ask to view their portfolio along with links to current website designs with current clients. This will give you an idea regarding the quality of work they perform, and whether they have the ability to design something closely matching your concept. Take time to navigate these websites to ensure everything functions properly, especially if it is a complicated design with many functions including commerce features.

Recommendations and Testimonials
A reputable San Jose website design company will often post testimonials from clients on their site. This is a good indication that they have experience, and current or past customers are satisfied with the work they perform. However, it should be mentioned to always be aware of long testimonial lists that have no client information or links. A reliable and dependable web designer will have no problem linking to websites of their clientele that can be easily verified and viewed by prospective customers. If in doubt, contact the website owner for verification.

Contact Information
Although this seems like a very common sense thing to do, it’s highly recommended to ensure the web designer has clear contact information. Many established businesses will have both physical addresses and telephone numbers. Website developers only displaying email or a website address as their contact information might not be as credible. This can especially be important if they are requiring a large deposit or payment upfront prior to beginning the work.

Web Standards Compliance
One of the most often overlooked details when checking out a San Jose website design company is whether their documents are complying with current markup language standards. There are certain technical standards specifications that must be followed closely to ensure websites are readable and perform as expected. A poorly designed site may not look the same in all web browsers. As this is an important step in web design, it’s suggested to make certain the company you employ is up-to-date in web development knowledge and services.

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