The Importance Of Responsive Web Design

As a business owner having the maximize visibility of your business for all your customers and potential customers is one of the biggest drivers of growth. If you aren’t able to reach your target audience, particularly new customers, it will be impossible for your Denver, CO business to grow and thrive.

In the not too distant past having a good advertisement in the Yellow Pages and doing some local marketing in print, on the radio, or perhaps on TV were the most important aspects of marketing. Then along came the use of computers and successful businesses turned to developing great websites.

While websites are still critical in both marketing to existing customers and attracting new customers and clients, the type of websites needed are now changing and evolving. From a standard website designed to display on a desktop monitor or a laptop screen we now have what is known as responsive web design.

The Basics

If you have ever completed an online search on a desktop, then on a smartphone or a tablet and noticed a difference in what you see and how it is displayed, you are looking at responsive web design in action.

In very simplified form, the responsive design program allows the website to be displayed optimally based on the type of screen the viewer is using. For a smartphone which is narrow and long, different elements of the page may drop off or move to allow the most essential components to take center stage and not be crowded off the screen.

The same is true on a computer screen. To see responsive design in action make the browser window thinner or wider and see how things move about to accommodate the different size, you should see a difference. If you notice boxes start to simply slide over each other and become a tangled mess, you are looking at a standard website not using this new technology.

Why it Matters

The reason why responsive web design is so important for a business in Denver, CO or anywhere else in the country, is because an increasing number of people shopping for businesses and services, particularly on a local level, are using smartphones and tablets and not desktops or laptops. By the end of 2016 it is estimated there will be more people using devices other than desktops or laptops to search and browse the internet than those using computers.

If a business is not using this technology your website is not displaying properly, and online searchers are simply going elsewhere. Missing out on this increasingly large sector of the buying public is devastating to a business, and one that can be easily corrected with the help of an expert web designer.

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