4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Website’s Design

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Web Development


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There is a lot of competition for attention online in a place like Las Vegas.  Website design to a Las Vegas business can make a big difference in how well a company does at attracting and at converting visitors into customers. Your website, whether for a Las Vegas business or a business in Timbuktu,  needs design that’s attractive to people, readable to search engines who will want to index each page, and it needs to work well at helping people get information — information that could lead to a visit turning into a sale. Here are some things to consider when you plan your website design.


Las Vegas companies catering to people in their area need to clearly identify their location.  Vegas attractions and businesses are highly searched by people all over the world who would like to plan their Vegas vacation itinerary so it’s imperative that you clearly list where you are. Not only will this help people who actually land on your page but it’ll help you optimize for organic search engine optimization, too, which can equate to free traffic to your website.
Another important element regarding location is where you put things in your site’s layout. Be sure that important information is within the viewer’s sight when they arrive. People shouldn’t have to scroll to find important information. Logical layout is integral to success.


Does your site’s design appeal to your target customer? Just because you like certain color combos, don’t be so sure your target audience will like it, too. Take care in this area. Branding is important and your website should match your brand identity. You may need help developing marketing collateral for your overall branding message in order to ensure it’s professional. If you don’t have this done already, your Las Vegas website design firm can help.

Be sure the site’s phrasing appeals to your audience, too. Good copy writing can make your website golden in terms of being a business development machine for you.


Does the site put the right information out there? Does it inform and educate as well as entice people to buy from you? Do some competitive analysis if you are creating your first website or if you are upgrading yoru site to try to meet your marketing needs more aggressively. See what your competitors do so that you can emulate what looks great and meet a need for the gaps they leave in the marketplace, too.

Call to Action

Does your site tell visitors what they should do to get ahold of you? Do you ask for the sale? Beyond a call to action, make sure that you also leave the door open for future contact in case the visitor isn’t ready to buy today.  Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter, offer something in exchange for a marketing list opt-in, ask them to follow you on Facebook or Twitter, etc.  The call to action is important. Be sure to frequently review your website traffic reports, too, so that you can see what’s working well and what elements might need tweaking.

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