A Brief Guide to Google Analytics

Google Analytics the most popular web analytics tools in the world today. However, most people are unable to understand the full potential of Google Analytics. This guide to Google Analytics is designed for individuals who have only just launched their websites. If you are into online advertising and marketing, you will need to learn how Google Analytics works in order to understand its effectiveness for your marketing campaigns.


The basic guide to Google Analytics starts by highlighting all of the key features of the program. The program integrates with Google AdWords, and can help you keep track of the quality of your landing page as well as any conversion data. You can also set objectives and goals based on the number of leads you generate as well as any sales targets you may have set for yourself. You can also download particular files or view specific pages using the program. The e-commerce reporting platform can also track performance and sales activity online. It shows revenues, transactions and performance as well as a host of other metrics.

Using Google Analytics

When you first download and install Google Analytics on your website, you will be asked to set your objectives. You can use the indicators on-screen to determine your objectives and track performance. Whenever you start a new ad campaign, you can add in the details of your investment and see the effectiveness of the program. Google Analytics will track your campaign’s performance and give you a clear idea of whether the campaign is working effectively or not. It’s a great program to use for people who want to track their investment and see whether they are getting adequate returns or not.

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