Are You Using the Right Filters On Snapchat?


Filters are an important element of Snapchatting, they overlays for Snapchat videos or images that bring the image to life! Most filters on Snapchat are fun add-ons, but if you are using Snapchat for business-related applications, such as marketing a promotion or event, aim to be both informative and interactive.

The best filters should enhance information by providing necessary details about the event. For example, if you own a small toy store and want to promote your brand, a geofilter could be a successful solution, as it provides the exact location of the business. To market your toy store to locals and tourists around the holidays, you might utilize a geofilter with a banner saying: “Merry Christmas from your friends at Yorkville Toys!”

Always remember to include your company’s logo in all Snapchat geofilters you create to make the marketing clear and the business easy to find.

Creating Custom Filters

What better way to stand out from the crowd than with a customized filter? You can create your own custom filter at to get your Snaps the attention they deserve. These custom filters are often utilized for:

  • Sales events
  • Special occasions
  • Conferences
  • Holidays
  • Promoting your business and/or area

Providing viewers with detailed location information will help them locate your business and participate in special events. It will also promote the business and area in which that business is located. Filters are the new word of mouth for your business!

Use filters to get the best results and most interactions with customers. Visit and create your own today!

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