Do You Really Need Auto Shop Software?

While most people want to make life easier for themselves, you may not feel the same. You may not mind spending hours of your day rechecking everything to make sure it was entered correctly. You may like micromanaging your mechanics and checking VIN numbers, customer information, and more. If that doesn’t sound like you, then you may very well need auto shop software. You’ll find that these programs offer more efficiency, correctly written ROs, accurate reports, more accountability, and higher profits.


Saving a penny may be the same as earning a penny, but the same goes for timing, as well. Every minute that you save by using auto shop software is another moment that can be used to earn more income, market your business, or complete more repair orders.

Each time you have to go back to the vehicle or customer to double-check something, you’re wasting time. Whenever you have to call to see if a part is available or look up an RO history, you’re not efficient, wasting time, and wasting money.

Likewise, your mechanics work on a particular time frame. They get paid for the labor, usually in 15-minute increments. They may be able to do the job in 31 minutes but work slower so they can get billed for another 15 minutes. This is costing you money because those 14 minutes could have been used to start the next project.


It is essential that you know what parts you have available, and to ensure that those parts are available. Otherwise, you risk losing customers. Auto shop software can make management a little easier because you will have real-time information about the parts in stock. You’ll be able to determine if you need to order something or if it’s on the premises, making it much quicker to get customers in and satisfy their needs.

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