For Big and Small: How Small Companies Can Now Use Customer Assistance, Escalation and Follow Ups

At one point or another, we’ve all had the experience of having to contact the customer service number of a company in order for our issue with their product or service to be resolved. However, while for a customer the process seems pretty straightforward, after talking to a few representatives and receiving a call back later, the fact is that there is actually an incredibly complex procedure in place in order to assist each call.

Complexity Behind the Call
In order to understand how this works, one of the best examples can be seen in the case of AT&T which is one of the largest phone companies in the U.S. It has a system called CARE that registers a call whenever someone calls in the customer service number. After entering their number, they are transferred to a representative who is able to see the complete history of the caller on their screen. Utilizing the CARE system, the customer service representative is then able to record the issues of the caller, state whether an appropriate solution has been implemented and set a call back later on in the week to make sure the issue has been resolved. It is a highly developed system and showcases just how much work goes on behind the scenes at a company.

Small Companies Can Use This System Too!
It should be noted thought that such a system is not limited to just large corporations, there is actually a means by which smaller companies utilize the same methods in their own customer service processes through the use of Sales Force Integration into their current platform for customer assistance. The use of sales force as a means of improving customer service is effective since it enables customer service representatives to create and track cases and even escalate a case to someone higher up in the company. This allows for faster resolution times when it comes to resolving a problem and, as such, creates a positive image on the part of the customer regarding the capabilities of the company and its capacity for assistance.

All in all, the use of sales force integration into a company’s customer service processes definitely helps small company’s develop the same service capability of larger companies, albeit in a much small scale. However, it is recommended that for companies interested in improving their current system of customer interaction and assistance, that they first determine whether such a system is needed in the first place or if current methods are perfectly fine in assisting clients.

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