How to Pick the Right Advertising Agency

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Web Design


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In order to succeed in business, you need to market well. This has always been true, but never more so than now, as the internet has driven business forward at a breakneck pace. It’s now possible to get the attention of millions of people, and far more possible to be lost in a massive, swirling sea of information and disinformation. Because of this, it has never been more important to hire the right advertising agency, to make sure that your message is able to get out there and be heard by those who need to hear it most. Here are a few tips to make sure you choose the right agency for your business.

1) Scrutinize Their Website
An agency’s website is their first and best foot forward. If they are trying to get your business to make you look good online, then they need to look good online. Go on their website, see how user-friendly it is. Read the material that they have posted; how well written is it? More than simply quality, how well does it match what you want your own vision to look like? If you expect to ask for many graphics, how does their sense of aesthetic match up with your own? Just checking out their homepage should always be step number one.

2) Research Them
There are a number of places online that rate and rank advertising companies. Google and Twitter both have such a ranking system that you can look at. You can also just search for the agency and reviews, and read what others have to say about the company. If you can find any references of other companies they’ve worked with, contact them, and ask for references.

3) Have an Honest Conversation with Them
If you like their website and their reviews are positive, and then contact them to have a conversation. This isn’t an interview; it’s just a fact-finding mission. Tell them that you appreciate honest answers over confidence, and that you just want to learn about them. Don’t tell them what you will be asking for, but instead ask what they can deliver. Ask what they are best at. In particular, ask what sort of things they can’t do. With so many different elements of online advertising, anyone who tells you they can do anything is lying.

Hiring the right advertising agency can be make or break for a business. With the internet, distance isn’t any impediment, so advertising agencies in Dubai are just as able to meet your needs as ones in New York or London. One such agency is Trivium Concepts, a company that is focused on fierce advertising to meet the needs of a business in the internet age.

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