Managing an Auto Shop

Managing a business comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to be a good listener, talker and decision maker. You have to take on problems with ease and manage relationships with both employees and customers. If you are a manager of an auto repair shop, you not only have to possess these qualities, but have knowledge of automobiles and how they work.

Know About Cars

Working in the automotive field, you must have a good grasp on vehicles and how they work. If you your garage specializes in all cars, you must be fluent in automatic lingo and manual transmission talk. Your employees will look to you for direction in things they don’t know much about, so you need to make sure you know what you are talking about.

It would be of great benefit it you took continuing education classes on vehicle repair and auto repair management software. You want to stay current in the always changing industry.

Know Your Technology

Being an automotive manager also means you need to know how your company’s POS system and corresponding technology is run. As a manager, you will be dealing with a lot of company paperwork and a lot of it will come from the POS system in terms of estimates, invoicing and the like. Ensure you have a good understanding of how the system works should you need to produce a form or research a car’s history.

Customer Service

As a manager, you should be providing good customer service. You should take a vested interest in all customers and potential customers and give them the same treatment you would want in return. Take time to listen to their needs and wants and give good communication when their car is under repair.

Employee Relationship

In addition to the customer, you must maintain a clear and communicative path when working alongside your employees. You should be able to anticipate what they will need for their day and assist them in achieving a productive work day.

An employee should be able to come to you with any business issues and you should be able to resolve them with little disruption. Encouraging employees to do a good job should also be second nature. Tell them when an excellent job is being done and show them your appreciation. You want to work in a happy environment, which is the most productive environment to have.

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