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by | Mar 23, 2015 | Computers


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If it’s been a long time since your company network was set up, there’s a good chance that you’ve living with something less secure, affordable, and convenient than what you could have. A few years ago, the only way to set up connections reliable and secure enough for business use was to run cable and connect the different parts of the network physically. This is effective, but it’s also very expensive and makes it extremely difficult to adjust the layout and behavior of the network as your operation continues to evolve.

If you want the Best Computer Network in Denver, you should be exploring the benefits that modern wireless technologies have to offer.

Recent networking equipment is dramatically more secure than older editions. Newer routers and devices have support for AES encryption, which is far more trustworthy than the old RC4 standard. If you set it up in enterprise mode, with a server in place to authenticate devices as they join the network, you’ll have the option of deciding what is allowed to connect without having to worry about the possibility that employees will share the network password with visitors or write it down in a place where someone might see it. At the same time, you could establish a dedicated guest network for people who visit the office and need Internet access, such as clients, without risking giving outsiders access to confidential company information.

Newer devices are also capable of connecting wirelessly at speeds that can easily handle a typical employee’s needs. IEEE 802.11n is a widespread standard, with equipment cheaply available, that can handle far more bandwidth than is needed for tasks like streaming high definition video or participating in video calls. A more recent option, 802.11ac, is even faster and is steadily taking over as the connection technology of choice.

Ceres Technology Group can set you up with the Best Computer Network in Denver. Contact them to get more information about their range of services and to arrange a meeting to discuss the particular needs and concerns of your business. They will help you to decide what approach makes sense and how to proceed with setting it up.

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