Use Automated Discounts When You Use a CASS Certified ZIP+4 Coding System

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Web Promotion


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If you are looking for a way to decrease the amount of money your company spends on mailings, consider using CASS software. Not only will it assist you in increasing correct address data, it also helps improve the deliverability of mailings with US Postal Address Validation. When you process your mail through this type of coding system you can receive automation and presort discounts from the United States Postal Office. Addresses that are already in your list will be updated to match the USPS National Address File. This type of standardizing address information adds the ZIP+4 postal codes that are correct. Software of this type also includes Delivery Point Validation. Your mailings will be validated by the USPS so you know that your mailings were delivered to the addresses on your list. Using both of these services makes your mail 100% deliverable and can eliminate mail that is undeliverable while reducing your mailing costs.

Updated Address Software Provides Real Time Address Corrections

Current technology is making it even easier to send out validated mailings. Updated software is now able to provide real-time address corrections that meet industry standards. Address quality software has been improved to utilize address hygiene technology. It comes ready to use as a web service in its most advanced form. The software is very user-friendly and offers quality address solutions that make your mailings go even smoother. The service is also scalable so it can fit the mailing requirements of small businesses and large corporations. With the use of web technology such as SOAP/XML, you are given a simplified interface that flows between two systems. Organizers are now allowed multiple users while being able to perform many different address verifications in real-time. This type of software is available for use in SaaS environments and in-house installations. The amount of information that is available to use is unprecedented. Your company will be able to better communicate with clients, employees, partners, prospects and constituents.

Use the Latest Technology to Save Money on Mailings

One of the best ways to save money is to update your mailing software to use the latest technology. Innovative software companies are always coming up with new software that assists you in saving money on postage costs, returned mail and using real-time information. When you need to cut costs and make your business more productive, consider using mailing software that has been recently released.

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