Since January 1999, Server Pronto has carved a niche for itself in the web hosting industry. They have proved that they not only offer top quality products needed for business but they offer them at great prices. The staff at Server Pronto has over a decade of experience in the business and hence, they are excellent in the functioning of computer networking and server maintaining. They also have a 24/7 monitoring of all their network operations. Server Pronto provides facilities and products for web hosting, web development, online gaming, e-commerce and much more. They are effectively growing with the passage of time.

 Price/ Cost Effectiveness:

Server Pronto offers effective server packages namely – Starter ($29.95), Starter+ ($39), Power ($69), Power+ ($99), Pro Power ($119), Pro Storage ($199), Xtreme ($169), Xtreme+ ($269) and Intel Xtreme ($389) under monthly plans. They have CPU’s from an AMD 2000+ to a Xeon Quad Core and a 512MB to an 8GB RAM. They also have a 40GB to 500GB hard drive, free assisting reboots and support ticket that are favorable for their customers. These services are reasonable and price effective.

 Customer Service:

Server Pronto render their services in minimal time consumption. They consist of well experienced and knowledgeable staff that caters 24/7 to all doubts and problems. With Server Pronto you never hang up unsatisfied. They also include live sales support chats online with professionals, so you can get answers in quick time without having to wait. They have well planned and executed solutions, so all your operations are carried out in a systematic manner. They also offer their customer support via an emailed ticketing system. They also have good packages for voice customer support.

 Control Panel:

Server Pronto have a very user-friendly interface control panel. They have three options namely WebMin (which is free), Plesk and CPanel ($40/month).

 Data/ Reliability Center :

Server Pronto uses an internet connection that is also utilized by the world’s top website like Yahoo, MSN and CNN. They operate with an info link network which has Tier 1 internet connection backbones. With the latest technology all fastest available carriers are routed straight to their bandwidth. This makes it possible to have a connection even at times when other servers maybe low. The internet connection moves at the speed of 100Mbps.

 Hosting Packages:

99.9% uptime guarantee, free support tickets, free assisted reboots, system restore, FTP backup space, IP address, 1400 to 5000GB bandwidth, 40GB-Dual to 500GB hard drive, 512MB DDR to 8GB DDR2 RAM.


Server Pronto innovates with the servers and technology, which can make your business highly qualitative.

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