The Benefits of POS Car Wash Controllers

Car washing businesses are as popular as ever these days and can be very profitable. However, in many areas competition can be fierce and the car wash with the best service gets more business. When you invest in high tech POS car wash controllers like ezWash, you can have a leg up on the competition.

What You Can Do with Top POS Software for Car Washes?

There are almost an unlimited amount of tasks you can accomplish with the right software. You have the power to take care of customers and run all aspects of your business. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Business operations – it’s very easy to enter and run tickets. Plus, this can be done from a number of handheld devices including smart phones and tablet computers.
  • Inventory control – keep track of your inventory and you also have reordering options for seasonal items.
  • Employee management – your POS software lets you schedule employee hours and enjoy time clock functions. In addition, it can use Excel spreadsheets.
  • Accounting – interfaces with most top accounting software
  • Accounts receivable – send out and print statements
  • Marketing – how you would like to run a loyalty rewards program? You also can customize gift cards and deliver special offers to your customers. Your software lets you run an online store too.

Rapid Entry Screens
With POS car wash controllers you have the benefit of rapid entry screens on hand held devices. This lets you enjoy:

  • Simple and easy time card management
  • Customize your workstations
  • Cash drawer managing ability
  • Fast and efficient credit card processing

The Benefit of POS Kiosks
Would you like to run a fully automated car wash? Your provider of POS car wash controllers also offers kiosks for your business. These kiosks can handle a number of tasks. For example:

  • Accept cash both coin and paper
  • Scan and credit coupons
  • Print out customer receipts
  • Integrated cameras for security
  • Security shields and locking capabilities
  • RFID scanning recognizes customers subscribed to your services
  • Ability to display ads to customers
  • Handle fleet accounts
  • Email receipts
  • Accept gift cards as payment
  • Redeem loyalty rewards

Whether your business is personal or self service, you will enjoy many benefits from POS car wash controllers. This lets you increase profits and efficiency while lowering your total business costs. Visit website for more details.

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