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by | Nov 11, 2016 | Computers


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Are you looking for real estate software that is cloud-based and paperless for use in your smaller brokerage firm and by your agents? When you make use of the proper software it makes the process of selling houses more efficient and easier, plus gives you the proper tools to make it far easier to manage your business. Many of the smaller brokerage firms have found that there are a number of advantages and benefits that come with using real estate software.


    * The software is able to automatically produce agent deadline reminders, document requests, and allows every agent to be able to see where they are at with each of their tasks at any given time.

    * It can also automatically import the MLS listings for your area and keep them in the same place where all your documents, transactions, and listings are stored in the cloud.

    * How would you like to never have to use the calculator again? Leave the totaling of commissions, and the automated disbursement and reporting to the real estate software.

    * This software can even help you with any compliance issues by keeping track of all of your outstanding documents and alerting you to any deficiencies.

    * When you have multiple offers on properties, the software is able to keep all of them together in the same place as all documentation on that property is stored.

Questions You Should Ask

    * When you’re considering real estate software for your brokerage, the first questions will most probably be, “How secure is this system?” Ideally, what you would like is to hear that the software is encrypted.

    * You will probably also want to know how often they update their system and how quickly you will be able to expect a response from their support team.

Reesio can provide you with one easy plan that will be easy to oversee every part of your real estate brokerage firm.    For more information visit the website

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