What is HTML 5 Development?

While it isn’t necessary to know everything about website design and development, it does help to have a basic understanding of what professionals are talking about when interviewing for website companies.

One common term that may be used by developers and programmers is HTML 5. HTML 5 development is used on many different products from APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) as well as sites on the web. In its most basic definition, HTML 5 is a markup language that is the latest in versions of the HTML (hypertext markup language) standard.

Both apps and web pages will use HTML 5 development systems if they are designed to the latest in standards. Not all design companies may be using this version, but there are some critical benefits and features that the current version uses that are not available in HTML 4 or earlier.

Easier Website Setup

Every version of HTML makes it easier to create a user-friendly and intuitive to use website or application. This includes the ability to use different headings in the website programming to allow for easy access to specific sections of the site or content.

Easier Access to Multimedia

One of the big advantages to HTML versions has been the ease of using tags on photos to make them display across different browsers and systems. Now, with HTML 5 development, it is just as simple to show video and audio using the respective tags.

New browsers will automatically support this while older browsers will need a bit more coding to display correctly. However, as browsers are updated to HTML 5 standards, everything will display perfectly, leaving other websites to correct coding.

Better Storage

With the new HTML 5, storing information on the client side is even easier. Instead of cookies, it uses a database, which means no more issue with cookies, cookie notifications and user deleted cookies.

This data storage allows for users to access past data, applications or cache information quickly and allows the app to load with their preferences. This not only benefits the customer but it also helps your website and application to stand out as user-friendly.

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