What to Consider When Setting Up a Search Engine Marketing Blog

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Web Design


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When you finally decide to set up a blog for your business it should be a marketing tool as much as a platform for sharing industry information. Your blog should therefore be SEO optimized to ensure that it can be found by those searching both for the information you are offering as well as the product or service. A search engine marketing blog should take several things into consideration. Some of the things that you need to look into when setting one up include the following:

* To begin with, ensure that your blog has its own domain as well as hosting. If your blog is nestled within wordpress or blogspot you may not be seen as serious about your business. Secondly, Google tends to promote blogs that do look trustworthy and serious which means that you would not be at the top of their list.

* Considering the fact that your potential customers are online looking for useful and relevant information, you will do well to provide the same in your blog content. The content you provide needs to be able to resolve some of their problems. If they can find solutions in your content, they will likely share your blog pages on social media and that will go a long way in raising your ranking with Google.

* In order to have a successful search engine marketing blog it is important that you create backlinks that are relevant. When building natural backlinks know that the source of the backlink matters. If the backlink comes from a site that has great rankings that it has more value than if it comes from a site with poor ranking. Whatever you do, avoid buying your backlinks.

* Onsite SEO is also critical so you need to be sure to optimize your theme. Your theme needs to be well designed because it will set you above your competition.

* It will also be to your benefit to comment on blogs in your field especially those that are the market leaders or those with online authority. By so doing you will create backlinks and will also expose yourself to greater networks as well as relationships online.

* Finally, a good search engine marketing blog should link to social media in a big way. This will help with building traffic and promote your SEO efforts as well. Google is taking social media into consideration when checking out the relevance and authority of any article.

When setting up a search engine marketing blog there are certain things that must be taken into consideration in order to bring the much needed Google rankings.

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