Components of a Successful Direct Marketing Mail Campaign

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Web Promotion


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When you want to connect with your potential customers, one of the best marketing tools that you can use is direct mail. When you develop a good plan, it can help you to generate new sales for just pennies on the dollar. It can also provide more sourced leads for your sales staff, create enhanced brand awareness and ensure that your marketing budget is able to work harder and go much farther. However, if it is a poorly developed campaign, chances are your phones will stay silent and not produce the desired results.

The most important components of any direct mail marketing campaign are highlighted here.

Data List

This is the most important portion of any direct mail campaign. The data list that you have will determine who receives your advertising, and who does not. Before you purchase 10,000 addresses, you need to ensure that you are targeting your market. Additionally, you need to ensure that people are going to receive your mailers. When you use the postal service, ensuring that you have the right addresses is essential. With NCOA Link software, you can check your database against updated postal service information, ensuring that your marketing efforts are going to reach a real person, giving you a much better chance to reach a new, potential customer.

Creative Design

Be sure that the mailer you create makes a great first impression by ensuring it demands attention. The fact is that once a person sees your direct mail effort you only have three seconds to grab and keep their attention. If the mailer that you have created is not able to captivate the receiver, then the ad that you have created will wind up in the trash. Additionally, if you create a cheap looking mailer, then chances are your product or service will also be perceived as cheap and the mail considered junk mail.

The Offer

Each day people receive tons of freebies and discounts, which means that they may have become desensitized to the usual, generic offers that are presented. This is when you need to create a custom and unique offer that will entice the receiver of the mailer to take action. This is perhaps the most important factor of getting potential customers to respond, or take action, in regards to your mailer.

With this information you can create a highly effective direct marketing mail campaign that only reaches actual, potential customers.

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