Four Important Points you should know About SEO

by | May 21, 2014 | Web Promotion


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If you have a website there are four things your Chicago Search Engine Marketing Firm wants you to know about SEO:

1. Rank Suppression: Rank suppression can wipe you off the face of the ranking map. It is a penalty applied to sites that Google feels are not on the up and up. You can find your website suddenly disappears from its top ranking and is completely removed from searches and you might not even know why. A Chicago search engine marketing firm will do a complete check of your current site to ensure there is nothing happening that will cause Google to deem your site questionable.

2. Quality Content: If you have been posting blog after blog of useless content in an attempt to appease the SEO gods chances are all your work is for naught. If you have run out of ideas or time and are not paying attention to the quality of your content you are not only disappointing your readers and potential customers, but you are also lowering your Google ranking. You have to be certain you are posting content that is useful and well thought out as well as grammatically correct and original. SEO will only get you so far if your content is uninteresting and does not help customers solve a problem.

3. Google Panda: Google Panda is just one algorithm Google uses to weed through websites during a search. It is constantly changing but there are a few things Panda is looking for during a search. Providing quality content that solves a problem for your readers and that is well researched and even lists resources or links to them works well. As well copy must be 100 percent original and be well presented with an interesting twist to the information provided. Creating a unique voice that will keep people engaged is also important when creating the content that both Google Panda and your readers will love.

4. Google Penguin: You may or may not know about link building. Link building helps bring more traffic to your sight from other sights as well as shows your knowledge when you link to relevant helpful information on other industry authorities’ sites. Google Penguin looks at links and ensures they are legitimate and not links you have paid for or for which you have charged others. Google Penguin searches for underhanded black hat tactics such as keyword stuffing, link buying and anchor text that is saturated with keywords.

Your Chicago search engine marketing firm wants you to know these four points could lead to rank suppression without warning.

A Chicago search engine marketing firm – SEO Solurions can assist you with keeping your online content effective to improve your Google ranking. Visit to find out how they can help.

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