Designs that Harm a Website

Designing a website requires an artistic endeavor, technical skills and visualization from your audience perspective. With this level of creativity, it can damage the name of a company if it copied the web design of another company. Such behavior leads to poor traffic and the site ranks low in search engine ranking. Some designs that can diminish the seo value of a website or harm website design include;

  • Using tables in web layout – HTML 4.01 disallows using tables in page layout and HTML 5 does not support their use. Tables are complicated to read and especially when they are nested. The flexibility of the page is obstructed when tables are used and this has an effect on SEO.
  • Parallax scrolling – This technique leads to loyal customers but when website has infographic, it ranks low in search engine search. This is because Google does not read infographics. The pages take longer to load which might also offset the visitors to the sites. To sort the problem, a website design company from Dallas changes the images on the site to text.
  • Infinite scrolling – Website which focus on e-commerce benefit a lot for the infinite scrolling but the technique can affect user experience negatively. Visitors on your website are likely to leave the site without performing any action if the technique is inappropriate for the website. Websites that suffer most when this technique is applied are those that require the visitor to perform an action.
  • Non mobile friendly design – Google use its mobile algorithm to test mobile friendly sites. The sites that are not mobile friendly are ranked lower. Website Design Company in Dallas uses adaptive and responsive design for your website so that it can be used on all platforms.

Your website is one of your marketing tools in business. We creatively come up with a design that suits your niche to enable you to be more visible online. Every detail is creatively thought about and knit together to create an attractive design useable in across all devices. Valpak of Dallas is ready to design a website that represents you and your services.

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