How to Attract Customers to Your Kiosk

Have you begun using a kiosk but still not attracting the number of customers that you had hoped to? Are you looking for a way to customize your kiosk to provide better customer satisfaction? Have you been researching designs for your kiosk but just can’t find the one that fits you and your business best? The employees of your store may be dressed to impress or wearing uniforms sporting the name of your store, so why can’t your kiosk be just as styled? Both fashion and function can work together to produce success. When customizing and designing retail kiosks, it is important to think about aspects that go beyond the usability. While usability can often be the most important part of a kiosk, features and appearances are what may initially attract people to the kiosk.

Match the Brand

Do you have a unique logo or branding? Include this on your kiosk. This can draw interest to your business.

Sometimes Simple is Enough

Sometimes simple designs are enough to make a kiosk look classy and attractive. Exterior panels, colored coating, overhead lighting, stone additions, and tinted glass are some simple design options that can attract potential customers. It is important to keep the desires of the consumer in mind because they are the ones who ultimately provide your profit.


Large signs to advertise your business aren’t always necessary. If you don’t have a large store space, signs and visuals may not be an option. You can consider smaller visuals, even if they do not promote your business. Instead, consider visuals that engage the public and encourage them to explore their options.


Going overboard with customizing your kiosk can be easy, but it isn’t easy on your budget. Sticking to your budget is important. Select options that highlight your branding while being stylish, yet simple. A design that uses engaging shapes and color can be a great method of attracting customers.

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