Understanding Webhosting Features.

Web hosting is a type of internet service wherein web hosts accommodate private or company websites through the World Wide Web. With web hosting, clients can avail of an array of exclusive features that proves to be very beneficial for business potential.

Web Hosting is a certainly a sound way to improvise on your online business prospects as it offers fail safe core features to your business that not only proves to be very essential but also is a must.

Below are the probable questions and answers that one might like to know while knowing Web Hosting:-

1) What is bandwidth?
Bandwidth can also be referred to, as data transfer in layman’s term. Web hosting provides bandwidth to clients, so they can share their data and information with the rest of the millions online. Each and every time a visitor views a page or file on your website or even downloads files; data is transferred. This transfer is measured in terms of MB or GB and varies from website to website. If your website consists of high-intensity graphics and designing, your bandwidth would increase.

2) What is disk space?
Disk space is your potential storage capacity which is measured in MB. It varies, depending on the web hosting plan you opt for- most of the web hosts offer unlimited disk space to their clients. Unlimited Disk space comes with its pro’s and con’s as it offers maximum storage capacity but also increases the likelihood of error files and virus attacks. Whenever one approaches a web host, besides looking into the disk space factor, one should also make enquiries regarding the steps taken by web hosting companies to avoid such errors and safeguard data.

3) What is “Unlimited Domain names”?
‘Unlimited domain names’ is a valuable feature that allows you to own more than one website with just a single web hosting plan. With many domain names, you can easily manage all your websites independently, which would have separate email accounts, FTP access, URL’s, file managers, MySQL databases, website statistics and much more. All this in turn, helps you to create a larger customer base, visitors, and website traffic, thereby earning you more profit. Management of these domains must be taken care of, plus daily monitoring of these websites increase its online visibility.

4) eMail accounts –
Email accounts are provided by the web hosts which can be managed and customised by you with the help of your control panel. Email accounts are usually of two types – POP3 and IMAP; in some cases you can be provided with both. With POP3 email accounts, emails are removed from the web server once downloaded, whereas with IMAP email accounts, the server still has the emails stored on it. Many prefer POP3 as it facilitates quick email access; however IMAP allows you to access your emails from any computer than what is located under a particular server.

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