What to Consider for Outdoor Kiosks

Once you have decided to place an outdoor interactive kiosk at your place of business, there are a few things to consider before picking one. Not only do you need a kiosk that can withstand nature, but you will want one that stands out to customers and is easy to use in any weather conditions. For that reason, these four qualities are something to look for in your outdoor kiosk.

Adjustable Screen Brightness

Anyone who’s tried to use their phone or tablet out in bright sunshine knows that they can’t use the same screen brightness setting they would use indoors. The same holds true for an outdoor interactive kiosk. If your kiosk is going to be completely exposed to the elements, then you will want to look into one that adjusts its brightness automatically to account for sunny and cloudy days. For one under an awning or otherwise shaded, then this becomes less of an issue. It’s still important that you take some time to use the kiosk yourself to make sure the brightness is at a comfortable level.

Stable and Durable

An outdoor kiosk typically has little protection from the elements. Weather and general wear and tear are factors to consider when choosing an outdoor kiosk. If your location experiences seasons with high winds, then a larger base can prevent a kiosk from blowing away. Locations with high humidity or frequent rain should consider a kiosk that is water proof or resistant. In addition to weather, if your location features many excited children who may see a kiosk as a climbing tool, stability is very important.

Noticeable at a Distance

For large outdoor areas, a kiosk needs to stand out and draw attention if it is going to see any use. Even in smaller areas, you don’t want your kiosk to blend in so well that customers feel lost looking for it. That’s why another of the important features an outdoor kiosk should have is visibility. Your outdoor interactive kiosk can be made more visible by its size, shape or color.

These are just three factors to consider when choosing an outdoor kiosk; there are many more decisions to come. An outdoor interactive kiosk can bring a lot of needed functionality to your business or venue, so be sure you have the one that’s best for your location. Once you have considered screen brightness, stability, durability and noticeability, continue to shop around for the best color, price, and software.

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